Oticon Hearing Aids

Intermountain Audiology Carries Oticon Hearing Devices.

Take a look at the product lines we carry and the unique hearing solutions Oticon provides.

Oticon is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids dedicated to the improving the lives of people with hearing loss.  While Oticon may be the oldest among hearing device manufacturers, it has a focus on research and innovation to keep it at the forefront of  audiology and technology.  We strongly recommend people suffering from hearing loss consider Oticon hearing devices and their unique hearing solutions. 

All of the Oticon styles and models we carry include BrainHearing™ technology:


Oticon hearing aids have award winning design. Sleek, discreet, and comfortable, they look great and are simple to handle without push buttons. We carry a variety of receiver-in-canal (RIC) styles and sizes, which offer a superior acoustic performance.


Oticon In-The-Ear hearing aids feature the latest innovations including Speech Understanding, Spatial Sound, and Soft Speech Booster. We offer custom models for your perfect hearing aid fit.


We carry a variety of Oticon invisible-in-ear hearing aid styles. Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids fit far enough enough in your ear to be completely unnoticeable. Despite their small size, invisible-in-ear hearing aids still feature BrainHearing™ Technology, like all Oticon models.