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Preventing Decline: Advances in the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss

Dr. Keith N. Darrow, M.I.T and Harvard Medical School Trained Neuroscientist and Clinical Audiologist – one of the top specialists in the field of audiology - has written an enlightening book about preventing the decline associated with unchecked hearing loss. He reveals his groundbreaking approach to medically treating hearing loss and tinnitus to build a better future for you and your loved ones.

Nearly 50 million people suffer from hearing loss and associated cognitive decline. Dr. Darrow has worked his entire career to ensure that it doesn’t have to be this way. He cares deeply about taking care of your physical and mental health as you age, and he has dedicated his life’s work to helping people live a better, more balanced, and enjoyable future.

Tinnitus Book

Silenced. The Medical Treatment of Tinnitus

If you are one of the 50 million Americans, or nearly 1.5 billion people worldwide, living with ringing in your ears and have been told 'there's nothing you can do about it, this book is for you.

Tinnitus is most often the result of a progressive degenerative disorder that significantly impacts your personal relationships, your ability to work, your sleep, and your brain. The ringing in your ears may be an early indicator of cognitive decline and dementia.

Simple, affordable, and extremely effective treatment exists. In this book you will find:

  • The Truth About Why You Have Tinnitus
  • How To Effectively Reduce, or Eliminate, Your Tinnitus
  • Nutritional Supplements that can Further Silence the Ringing

Stop Living In Isolation: How Treating Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Can Change Your Life, Maintain Your Independence, and May Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Originally published in 2017, Stop Living In Isolation has become a best-seller in the health category. More important, it has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans struggling with hearing loss, tinnitus, and declining cognitive health. 

For people who have tried dozens of ‘magic pills’ to get rid of the ringing in their ears or those who have tried over-the-counter traditional hearing aids, Dr. Darrow offers a completely new approach. The medical treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus is not a hearing aid. Instead, Dr. Darrow has identified the most important aspects of treatment that improve hearing in all situations, reduce the ringing in your ears, and help you prevent cognitive decline and dementia. 

Aging is Inevitable, but Decline is Optional!

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Want to learn more about how our award-winning care can treat your hearing loss and tinnitus? Take a moment to read the articles and watch the videos below to see how our experienced audiologists can help boost your confidence and maintain your independence.

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