Your Path to Better Hearing

Widex is a family-owned company that has been in existence since 1956, with its doors first opening in Denmark. Since then, it has become one of the most innovative leaders in the hearing aid industry, with models sold in more than 100 countries world-wide.

Their constant research into hearing loss has led them to pioneer numerous improvements in the technology of hearing aids, for example digital in-the-ear technology as well as wireless systems. Today they offer a very diverse product line, intended to satisfy the diverse needs of the many individuals around the globe who have experienced some degree of hearing loss. Here are a few examples of the superb hearing aids developed by Widex.

The Widex ‘Dream 440’ Hearing Aid

Widex Dream
The Widex Dream 440 has been called by several industry experts the best open-fit, behind-the-ear hearing device available anywhere on today’s market. It can be purchased with or without a remote control, but the remote control does provide enormous flexibility for the user. It can adjust the volume, stream music and phone calls, and change the program of the hearing aids effortlessly. It even allows you to choose the direction that the hearing aids focus in on for sound detection.

The Dream 440 has a modern, sleek design with well-constructed parts that impart confidence in the user that it is a device of extremely high quality. Once all adjustments have been customized to the wearer, and the accompanying software has been tested and understood, the Dream 440 is a top-of-the-line hearing device.

 Widex R-I-C Hearing Aids

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids (R-I-C), are somewhat smaller than behind-the-ear style hearing aids, and this smaller size is made possible because the receiver is actually placed in the tip of the ear rather than in the housing of the device.

The Widex R-I-C hearing aids are specifically designed for individuals experiencing mild to severe hearing loss, and they function by sending sound directly from the housing behind the ear to a receiver in the ear canal via a thin, sensitive wire. These models are especially known for providing outstanding sound quality, and for being fully automatic.

Widex Custom Hearing Aids

Some of the newest and most exciting hearing aids on the market are the Widex Completely-in-Canal devices, which are some of the smallest hearing devices available today. The most prominent feature of this new micro hearing aid is its custom-fitted shell, which is shaped to the ear of an individual perfectly, and contains all the necessary electronics inside it.

Since laser technology is used to make an impression of the user’s ear, a perfect fit results every time, and this means that it comes as close as possible to being a tiny extension of the user’s own body. This precision fit ensures that the device rests comfortably in the user’s ear, but is still easy to remove at night when it’s time for bed.