Training and Education

We Offer Ongoing Patient Auditory Rehabilitation and Education

At Intermountain Audiology, we believe in our ability to change lives with better hearing through the trusted relationship we have with patients. That mission inspires us to provide the best possible hearing care in the Intermountain West with unparalleled level of service with patient training and education.

Hearing clearly involves much more than just your ears. Independent studies support the notion that working memory capacity is crucial to speech understanding in adverse conditions by hearing instrument users.

Working Memory and Speech Comprehension

Our working memory serves like a mental blackboard that temporarily, and simultaneously, stores and processes the information we need for a range of complex cognitive tasks. When we participate in conversations, our brain continually makes a connection between our working memory and long term memory to find meaning to speech.

If we can’t figure out what was said, we can keep holding the information we heard in working memory, erase our mental blackboard and try again. If cognitive abilities decline or we don’t have enough working memory to keep what was heard available until we solve the puzzle, understanding is lost.

Aural Rehabilitation and Education Series

In order to help patients adapt to their restored hearing ability, we enroll our patients in an ongoing auditory rehabilitation and education series with our education director Kelli Charlton. Kelli is a lifelong instructor and motivational speaker who has been working with patients for many years.

Brain Fitness training is crucial for the well-being of the ‘grey matter’ in our heads. The maxim ‘use it or lose it’ is appropriate for this subject specifically. When embarking on any new task, there is always a period of time where individuals feel inadequate. This is because with each new task, we must redevelop the neuro-pathways we may never have used, or simply haven’t used in years.

Along with the Harvard University, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Stanford and Yale research programs, the audiology team at Intermountain Audiology is dedicated to assisting our Utah population of aging seniors. Using multiple brain fitness training programs, we stimulate the brain through both audio and visual methods.

Brain fitness training is one of the most thrilling developments in current medical science. With a simple commitment to play ‘games’ on your home computer, ipad or tablet, 12-15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, the free, eight-week program is designed to help individuals listen & hear more clearly, sharpen memory, strengthen visual acuity, develop a sharper reaction time and feel more confident.

New Hearing Aid Technologies

Oticon BrainHearing™ technology is designed to capture and preserve the unique characteristics of speech, giving the brain the clearest possible signal to decode. Knowing this process, these revolutionary hearing aids are designed to capture and preserve the unique characteristics of speech, giving the brain the clearest possible signal to decode. This makes taking part in conversations easier and more intuitive, especially in noisy environments.