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Meet our Hearing Specialists in St. George, UT, Richfield, UT, Hurricane, UT & Cedar City, UT

Over 15,000 Lives With a Hearing Impairment Improved at Intermountain Audiology Hearing Centers of Utah

Our hearing specialists in St. George, UT, Richfield, UT, Hurricane, UT and Cedar City, UT understand the life-altering impact that hearing loss can have. We strive to offer you the most advanced and effective audiological treatments available today, including hearing aids, hearing loss rehabilitation, tinnitus treatment, and more. Our goal is to help you restore your hearing clarity and eliminate the sense of isolation that hearing loss can cause. Choose from the links below to learn more about our specialists, including how each came to discover their passion for treating hearing loss.

Come experience Intermountain Audiology of Utah! You will see for yourself that our hearing specialists in St. George, UT, Richfield, UT, Hurricane, UT and Cedar City, UT provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients in and around St. George, Washington, Ivins, Santa Clara, Dammeron Valley, Veyo, Pine Valley, Enterprise, Central, Richfield, Salina, Monroe, Fillmore, Delta, Joseph, Gunnison, Ephraim, Manti, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Kanab, Springdale, Leeds, Toquerville, Hilldale, Virgin, Rockville, New Harmony, Cedar City, Brian Head, Parowan, Kanarraville, Enoch, Summit, Panquitch, New Harmony, Newcastle and Beaver, Utah.

Meet Our Hearing Specialists in St. George, UT, Richfield, UT,
Hurricane, UT & Cedar City, UT …

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Jeffrey A. Manwaring, M.S., FAAA
Clinical Audiologist

hearing specialist jeffrey manwaring

I am an Audiologist specializing personal relationships and a commitment to restored hearing clarity through the medical treatment of hearing loss; and the associated cognitive aspects of that loss. Dementia is a mind-robbing disease and the thought of losing my ability to connect, interact, and be who I am makes me wake up each day on a mission to make a difference in the life of my patients using proven NeuroTechnology treatments.

My passion for treating hearing loss began at a young age, I realized how detrimental hearing loss can be to a relationship by watching my father and mother. My father was an Army Artillery Officer, which destroyed his hearing ability, and my mother had mastoid surgery causing a hearing loss. As a result, they were constantly misunderstanding each other!

For years I specialized in fitting “traditional hearing aids” from various manufacturers and was highly trained in fitting Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aids as a member of the Starkey Hearing Alliance. When NeuroTechnology was introduced, and traditional hearing aids began being phased out, as a treatment method in 2016, I was overjoyed with the technology that now allows patients to treat the cognitive aspects of hearing loss

My philosophy when founding Intermountain Audiology was, “When you come to Intermountain Audiology, you are not just our patient; you are a member of our hearing healthcare family!

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Eric W. Nilsson, BC-HIS
Nationally Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

eric nilsson hearing specialistTo be perfectly honest, when I was growing up, I was dead set on becoming a professional golfer. Hearing was the family business, but I saw myself as more of an Arnold Palmer. Aside from helping out occasionally in the office, I never really envisioned myself in this position. Of course, serendipity knew better than I did. Although I went off to college on a golf scholarship, I ended up graduating with a wife, a little boy, and an internship with my dad at Nilsson Hearing.

When my wife and I found out we were having twins a little later, I wanted to continue my internship with my dad and have the ability to stay with my growing family every day. My father had been an amazing role model for me. He was always there for us and came to every school event or sports game. In a nutshell, he supported every dream I had, and I knew I wanted to be that kind of father for my son and our two new arrivals. Therefore, I left golf behind, started work to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist, and never looked back.

The family business turned out to be even more enjoyable and fun than I had thought! Years later, I still look forward to each day on the job. After all, I get to meet people from all walks of life, hear their stories, and help them improve their lives. Family is so important to me (and working in a family business has its advantages there), so when I can help someone reconnect with their own family and experience a happier, fuller life, there really isn’t a more rewarding feeling out there.

We have people come in who have been isolated from their friends and family for years. Some have had bad experiences, and others don’t even realize how isolated they are until we open the door for them. Restoring and improving hearing can have a total 180-degree effect on their lives. I’ve had some clients cry tears of joy in the office because they are so happy to once again feel that connection with their world. It’s an incredibly fulfilling feeling.

Of course, there are always some challenges along the way. We try so hard here, so on those rare occasions when we’re not able to quite reach a patient’s hearing goals and give them overall completeness, it can be a hard pill to swallow. There are only so many things we can do to help patients get around the barriers, but we will do whatever we can (and then some) to try and help.

This inspires us to keep on growing. Our goal is to reach as many people looking for help as possible, and to help them reach the happiness they’ve been searching for. All of that passion for excellence comes along with the best service possible. Without that, growth wouldn’t be worth it.

In and out of the clinic, I get to spend time with my amazing family. My wife and I met in college and were inseparable right from the first date. After ten years of marriage, we have four awesome little boys who love to explore the world with us. We all like to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. Fishing, camping, hiking – you name it, we’re doing it! And when it comes to sports, we’re all game. Right now, soccer is the family favorite, although with basketball season picking up, soccer might have some competition. So far, we haven’t had the opportunity to really get them excited about golf, but I think I could swing them my way!

Looking back, I can’t help but think that while this might not have been the goal I’d been working towards when I first set out, it’s the career I was meant to pursue. Between the family I’m able to spend each day with, and the families we’re able to help, I know I’m on the right course.

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Kurt Mooney, BC-HIS
Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

kurt mooney hearing specialist

Kurt Mooney is an Excellence in Audiology member-specialist. Kurt’s commitment to treating hearing loss, and the associated cognitive aspects of hearing loss, with NeuroTechnology solutions has made him Southern Utah and Southern Nevada’s top individual provider of treatment in the region with over 50 treatment starts per month with the highest 5-star rating in the region.

When he is not working directly with patients, he is training other specialists across the country on treatment protocols and NeuroTechnology solutions.

As the grandson of an internist, I always wanted to grow up and help people like my grandpa did. He practiced in Provo, Utah, for many years and was the original inspiration for my desire to provide quality patient care. After serving an LDS mission, I took a job as a medical assistant in a pediatric office and loved every minute of it. Seeing how the doctors and physician’s assistants interacted with the kids cultivated an even deeper desire in me to continue pursuing a career in the health field.

As my final year of undergraduate work loomed on the horizon, I took the opportunity to seek the advice of a friend who had become a physician’s assistant in the pediatric clinic where I worked. I wanted to know what I could do to prepare to take the GRE and which schools I should apply to. Before he would answer any of my questions, however, he made me answer a few of his own: why do you want to become a PA? Do you enjoy being able to spend time with your spouse? Are you willing to sacrifice that time with your family in order to further your career? I wanted to become a PA in order to truly help others and improve their quality of life. However, I was hesitant about sacrificing time with my spouse in order to further my career.

After answering his questions, he told me that I should consider a different type of health care if I truly wanted to help others without sacrificing time with family. His suggestion was hearing. After much thought and consideration, I took the plunge and started interning at a hearing clinic in Orem, Utah, and it was the best decision I have ever made! Having the opportunity to work one-on-one with patients to improve their hearing is the most rewarding experience imaginable.

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Justin Bateman, BC-HIS
Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

justin bateman hearing specialistAs a Hearing Instrument Specialist, I am a full-time provider at Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics in Cedar City, Utah. A long time resident of southern Utah and Cedar City, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Southern Utah University in 2012. I joined the Intermountain Audiology team in October 2014 and work at our Cedar City, Utah, location.

I decided to become part of this team because of my desire to help those in need. While exploring the idea of becoming a Hearing Instrument Specialist, I was able to sit in on appointments to see, in person, the tremendous impact that hearing aids can have on a person’s life. The personal interactions with patients made all the difference for me. I’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people – not only meeting them, but knowing that the work we do can help them in their day-to-day lives. My job is a very rewarding experience.

In my time away from the office, I am a sports fanatic. I watch, learn, and participate in all types of sports from basketball to golf to cricket, and there aren’t many limits on the sports I enjoy. I also love being outdoors and visiting the sights, scenery, and hikes that southern Utah has to offer.

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Trista Ramsey, HIS-Intern
Hearing Instrument Specialist

trista ramsey of intermountain audiologyMy journey with Intermountain Audiology began when our hearing instrument specialist asked me if I wanted to come work here as a patient care coordinator. The story doesn’t really get any simpler than that! It certainly lends credence to the idea that it’s all about who you know!

Of course, it also helps when you have an interest in healthcare. I have always been interested the healthcare field, and working at our Richfield hearing clinic has served very much as a gateway into healthcare. So far, my experience here has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to help people. For me, that’s really what it’s all about.

I love to meet all the people who walk through our Richfield hearing clinic doors. There’s always someone new to meet and help, and there’s always something to learn. I love getting into the heart of the audiology industry and learning what makes it tick. I am fascinated by its history and many of the early concepts that gave way to modern advances in both patient care and technology.

Outside of the office, I’m a farm girl. I, my three kids, and husband of 15 years, own a small farm. There, we raise a whole menagerie of birds: chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, peafowl, you name it! Just don’t expect to find any of these feathered creatures on the dining room table. They’re all my babies and very much a part of the family. They also all have their own personalities, especially the Tom Turkey. He fancies himself a guard dog! If you don’t have his express permission, he probably isn’t going to let you into the yard.

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Clarice Myers,
4th Year Doctor of Audiology Student

In her placement as a 4th Year Doctor of Audiology Extern with Intermountain Audiology, Clarice is joining the movement to medically treat hearing loss in Southern Utah. By working alongside her team of hearing health care specialists in Utah; including, Neuroscientist Dr. Keith Darrow, Dementia Prevention Educators, NeuroTechnology™ Treatment Specialists, and her entire patient experience team Clarice is able to focus on the medical treatment of YOUR hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders and the associated cognitive impairment.

Clarice is instinctually described as a ‘Pioneer’ by Kathy Kolbe, the world’s leading authority on human instincts, she continues to defy convention, challenge her team at Intermountain Audiology, and make the world a better place by improving the lives of her patients each and every day.

Her impact on our organization, the profession, and the world includes:

  • Being trained by Dr. Keith Darrow, the only Harvard and M.I.T. Trained Neuroscientist and Audiologist in the world, as part of the Excellence in Audiology Movement which focuses your hearing loss treatment on sound medical and neuroscience necessity rather than traditional hearing aids.
  • Restoring Hearing Clarity for Individuals in the Intermountain West with hearing loss just like yours.
  • Providing hearing evaluations and working with Special Olympics participants.
  • Interacting with and working directly with Veteran’s during her 2nd Year Placement.
  • Her contributions and time spent with the Sound of Life Foundation treating adults with hearing loss and increased risk of cognitive decline due to hearing loss.
  • Rising star amongst her peers and leading change agent amongst her fellow Audiology Externs at Texas Tech (1 of only 74 nationwide programs) and throughout the country as one of only 600 nationwide Doctoral Graduates.

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Hearing Specialists in St. George, UT, Richfield, UT, Hurricane, UT & Cedar City, UT for 5-Star-Rated Hearing Care in St. George, Washington, Ivins, Santa Clara, Dammeron Valley, Veyo, Pine Valley, Enterprise, Central, Richfield, Salina, Monroe, Fillmore, Delta, Joseph, Gunnison, Ephraim, Manti, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Kanab, Springdale, Leeds, Toquerville, Hilldale, Virgin, Rockville, New Harmony, Cedar City, Brian Head, Parowan, Kanarraville, Enoch, Summit, Panquitch, New Harmony, Newcastle & Beaver, Utah

Your New Favorite Audiologist In St. George, Cedar City, Richfield & Hurricane, Utah
"I've been with Dr. Manwarring for several years now. Having a good audiologist is very important to me. I've tried a couple of others, and they just don't seem to fit right with my needs and expectations.I would highly recommend Dr. Manwarring to anyone. Because of him, I have been given quality care, relate well with him, and I know I can depend on him to help me with my hearing aid and hearing loss needs."- Michelle B. 5 star
"They are always professional and friendly. They were able to assist my mother with getting hearing aids that work for her. They knew what type would suit her best. Service is excellent. I would recommend them to everyone who has hearing issues!"- Joan Y. 5 star
"Justin Bateman, the audiologist I worked with for my annual follow up and maintenance. He was so knowledgeable and thorough. He made a minor tweak to my hearing aids to adjust for a slight change in my hearing. It noticeably improved my hearing while wearing my hearing aids. Justin was very pleasant and efficient to deal with. I highly recommend this office."- Kerry W. 5 star
"Extremely professional with state-of-the-art technology. This was a big change from all the other low-budget offices I have visited over the years. I highly recommend them! You will not regret it!"- David L. 5 star
"My hearing devices has given me a new life. I can understand conversations with out straining and stopped the confusion on my part of the conversation. The people at Intermountain Audiology were great to work with and answered all of my questions. I would recommend them highly."- David B. 5 star
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Dr. Darrow of Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics is the only neuroscientist in America practicing Audiology. Our St. George UT audiologist, Cedar City UT audiologist, Richfield UT audiologist, and Hurricane, UT audiologist provides award-winning hearing care. Our hearing care and treatment includes reducing the risk of dementia, improving cognitive function, restoring hearing clarity, tinnitus treatment for ringing in your ears, invisible hearing aids, hearing protection devices, hearing tests and hearing assessments.
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