Second Opinion


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If you have already seen a different audiologist for your initial consultation for hearing healthcare options, you still have the option to visit Intermountain Audiology for a second opinion.  Our hearing specialists will be glad to review your case and make an independent recommendation for an effective treatment plan for ClarityRestored™ Treatments.  The best part is Intermountain Audiology’s Evaluation is completely complimentary, with no risk or obligation.

You Are Unsure About A Recommendation from Another Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, or Nevada Audiologist

If you have received a recommendation from another hearing care professional that does not quite meet your expectations, Intermountain Audiology is happy to provide a no-cost second opinion.  We understand that some providers will push you into an over-priced under-performing device with no guarantee on ClarityRestored™.  The team at Intermountain Audiology does not agree with this business model.  We believe that it is more important to build trust with our patients and recommend the best hearing solution available for our patient’s lifestyle and budget.

Is a Second Opinion Actually Complimentary?  Will You Be Charged Extra For Diagnostics Such as Hearing Exams?

The Intermountain Audiology Evaluation is completely complimentary!  It includes the exam, consultation, and free written report ($249 Value), at no cost to you.  You can also expect to receive one of Dr. Keith Darrow’s best-selling books and a DVD Resource Guide also at no cost to you simply as a thank you for considering one of his local audiology offices for your hearing care needs.  Click Here to Schedule Your Intermountain Audiology Exam Today!

Easy Ways To Get Started

If you want to explore our audiology practice – where we offer a wide and generous payment options, where we give back to our community everyday with our patients’ enthusiastic support through the Sound of Life Foundation, where we offer convenient hours and “drop in” service, and where we GUARANTEE to restore your hearing clarity…Intermountain Audiology can Empower Active-Aging by:

  1. Download Dr. Darrow’s FREE Report: Does Your Spouse Really Need Hearing Aids?.
  2. Call (435) 688-2456 to schedule a completely free evaluation, consultation, and written report ($249 Value).
  3. Click Here to Request an Appointment Online