Our Services

Intermountain Audiology’s Hearing Care Helps You Live a Fuller Life.

From free hearing assessments to a wide range of hearing aids from top providers.

Intermountain Audiology is committed to the highest standard in hearing care.  With professional diagnostic evaluations and the best in hearing equipment, rehabilitation, repair, and follow up services, we deliver comprehensive solutions for our valued patients.

The services we provide are:

Hearing Evaluations

  • Comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations
  • Hearing tests for adults and school aged children
  • Video otoscopy for detailed viewing of your ear canal
  • Computerized hearing aid analysis

Hearing Aids

  • Digital Hearing Aids
  • Wireless Hearing Aids
  • Invisible Hearing Aids
  • Custom Hearing Aids

Hearing Accessories

  • Premium batteries
  • Custom ear molds for hearing aids, iPods, and MP3s
  • Water protection earplugs
  • Noise protection for musicians and sportsmen
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • SurfLink Mobile

Additional Services

  • Rehabilitation services for hearing loss
  • Hearing aid cleaning services for current hearing aids of all makes and manufacturers
  • Counseling for hearing loss and Tinnitus