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Do You Suffer From Ringing In Your Ears?
Tinnitus can have a significant effect on your life if you chronically suffer from it. Take the necessary steps to stop struggling with tinnitus today!
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things you should know before choosing your st george cedar city richfield hurricane ut audiologist
Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Choosing Your Audiologist in Utah
If you are searching for the most qualified and caring audiologist in Utah for yourself or your loved one, you are in the right place at Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics! You should feel confident when choosing your St. George, Cedar City, Richfield, or Hurricane, Utah, audiologist for yourself or your family. To help you make an informed decision, Dr. Keith Darrow has written this free report: "The Top Ten Things To Know Before Choosing Your Audiologist."

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understanding tinnitus
Understanding Tinnitus:
What Is It? Why Do You Have It & What Are Your Treatment Options?

Tinnitus is defined as a sensation of sound in your ears or sometimes in your head. In some people, the sound can cause depression or anxiety, and it can interfere with concentration. Get the information you need about Tinnitus from this free report by Dr. Keith Darrow.

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What Makes Intermountain Audiology Different?
Cutting-Edge NeuroTechnology™

We are proud to be able to provide state-of-the-art NeuroTechnology™ as part of your hearing rehabilitation, so you can enjoy true hearing clarity. NeuroTechnology™ addresses the critical link between the sounds received by your ears and your brain’s ability to process those sounds efficiently and correctly.

Extensive Experience

Our team has helped over 15,000 happy patients get back to living their lives with improved hearing since 1976. Your hearing health is important to us, and our audiologists are passionate about helping as many people as possible to restore clarity to their sound experience, including you!

Award-Winning Team

We take our responsibility to you and your healthy hearing very seriously. We work diligently to stay on top of current trends and new innovations in audiology. We also strive to maintain a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in our hearing center locations. Our core purpose is to ensure your comfort and happiness from the moment you walk through our doors.

Same-Day Treatment

When you arrive for your initial hearing assessment at our hearing center, we don’t believe you should have to schedule yet another appointment before you can actually start treatment. After all, the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy the sounds of the world around you with improved clarity and understanding!

100% Money-Back Clarity Guarantee

You read that correctly! Our hearing center treatments come with a complete money-back guarantee on your service and prescription programming. If at any time you feel less than 100% satisfied with the care and service we provide you for your hearing needs, let us know. We will do what it takes to make you happy, and we will give you a full refund if we can’t.

Flexible Payment Options

Technologically advanced hearing aids are an investment for better hearing health and improved cognitive ability. At Intermountain Audiology, we want to make it easy for you to have access to high quality hearing aid solutions without your treatment being overly burdensome to your finances.

Read What Some Of Our Happy Patients Are Saying...
Intermountain Audiology changed my life. I was having a little trouble hearing and I went in for the free hearing test and found out I was hearing even less than I thought. I went home that day with demo hearing aids and it literally changed my life. Thank you
- Lisa M.
I was so impressed with everyone at Intermountain Audiology! They were helpful and courteous from the moment I walked through the door. Justin took time to explain every step of the process to me and helped me to get set up with heating device testers. I never felt rushed or like my concerns were invalid and was so happy with my decision to see them!
- Danielle W.
All of the people at Intermountain Audiology are amazing and to just be around them is an uplifting experience. I wasn't too excited to have to have help with my hearing until they explained the connection between hearing and brain function and now I am very thankful that I do. I look forward to return each time to follow up to check that my hearing is tuned to the best it can be...Life is good!
- Bob B.
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