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Treating Hearing Loss with Hearing Tests and Treatment Consultations

The medical treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and the associated risk of Dementia and Memory loss is paramount to overall health.

5 Main Benefits of Treating Your Hearing Loss or Tinnitus:

  1. Increase Quality of Life
  2. Increase Brain Function
  3. Increase Stimulation to the Brain
  4. Reduce Risk of Memory Loss and Dementia
  5. Reduce Your Risk of Fall related Injury and Death

Hearing Aids in St. George Utah & Surrounding Areas

If you are searching for hearing aids in St. George, Cedar City, Hurricane, or Richfield, UT, then we have just what you need at Intermountain Audiology Hearing. FDA cleared hearing solutions have been proven to boost hearing clarity, restore understanding in noise, and improve cognitive function.


Our NeuroTechnology™ treatment process is designed to treat hearing loss by using complex stimulation patterns to help replace diminished auditory input to the brain. Traditional hearing aids just make things louder, but with today’s new NeuroTechnology™ treatment options, you can hear more clearly and more naturally, in all listening environments Today’s NeuroTechnology™ includes the following features:

Invisible Hearing Aids in St. George Utah

We offer customized invisible hearing aids that offer the following benefits ...

These devices come with wireless options custom-fitted to your exact needs and unique ear canal shape. Because they rest comfortably deep in your ear, only you will know they are there. Even though your hearing aids are tiny, they come loaded with all our leading technology!

Hearing Aid Financing

Intermountain Audiology is proud to partner with TreatmentFiTM for affordable hearing solutions to provide all patients the opportunity to experience better hearing and improved cognition. This program is a revolutionary breakthrough in how patients afford the medical treatment of hearing loss. We believe access to hearing health care should never be limited by finances. Our program provides affordable, high-level, hearing health care to all.

The standard TreatmentFiTM subscription plan is paid monthly, rather than thousands up-front, and includes all your hearing health care needs. Customized plans are available to meet your hearing, cognitive, and financial needs.

TreatmentFiTM is your access to hassle-free, affordable hearing health care!

Schedule Your FREE Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Consultation & Learn More About NEW FDA-Cleared Hearing Aids in St. George, Cedar City, Hurricane & Richfield, UT

Call one of our hearing centers in Utah today for a hearing loss treatment consultation, and learn more about what today’s hearing aids can offer you.

Your free hearing treatment consultation will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies to measure your ability to hear in quiet environments, noisy situations, and when multiple speakers are talking at the same time. In addition, we will be able to scientifically measure the size and shape of your ear canal and better understand how sounds are traveling through your ear to your auditory system including your brain’s ability to process sounds.

You will receive a free copy of Dr. Darrow’s book, “Stop Living In Isolation”. In this book, Dr. Darrow explains how hearing loss can change your life, maintain your independence, and may reduce your risk of dementia.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Darrow of Intermountain Audiology Hearing Clinics is the only neuroscientist in America practicing Audiology. Our St. George UT audiologists, Cedar City UT audiologists, Richfield UT audiologists, and Hurricane, UT audiologists provide 5-star-rated hearing care. Our hearing care and treatment includes reducing the risk of dementia, improving cognitive function, restoring hearing clarity, tinnitus treatment for ringing in your ears, invisible hearing aids, hearing protection devices, hearing tests and hearing assessments. Come experience Intermountain Audiology of Utah! You will see for yourself that our audiologists, hearing doctors and hearing specialists provide 5-star-rated hearing care in St. George, Washington, Ivins, Santa Clara, Dammeron Valley, Veyo, Pine Valley, Enterprise, Central, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Kanab, Springdale, Leeds, Toquerville, Hilldale, Virgin, Rockville, New Harmony, Cedar City, Brian Head, Parowan, Kanarraville, Enoch, Summit, Panquitch, New Harmony, Newcastle, Beaver, Richfield, Salina, Monroe, Fillmore, Delta, Joseph, Gunnison, Ephraim and Manti, Utah.
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