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I spent six months evaluating every hearing aid and audiology business and chose Intermountain Audiology four years ago. I absolutely made the right choice and I know this from my research of the different companies. You will never regret choosing the fine people at Intermountain Audiology.

Justin at Intermountain has the skills and the technology to help you hear as well as you are capable of, and his real ear equipment and scientific approach was great. I am surprised none of the other places I visited had this as part of their process.

Justin at Intermountain Audiology has changed the quality of my life, my ability to interact with people, and my overall well-being with a quality product by Oticon and his technical fine tuning skills.

-Mike Duvall, Patient with Restored Hearing

david-leeAt 60 years old, I was constantly being told by my family that I needed to get help with my hearing. I knew my hearing was fine, it was just that they were so loud I often had to turn up the television to be able to listen to it while they went about their loud business with no regard to my listening to the television. Finally, I agreed to try some the latest technology in hearing assistance.

It was only a matter of days before I realized that not only did I need help hearing, but also became painfully aware of how my hearing loss affected those around me. The technology is so much different from what I was expecting based upon my pre-conceived idea of hearing aids. When I started wearing them, I was very impressed that no one even noticed I had them on. I was also very impressed that for the first time in years, I had to tell people around me not to talk so loud. There was definitely a period of adjustment because I was hearing things that I had not heard in quite some time; dishes clanging in the kitchen, sprinkers coming on in the backyard, and most importantly the volume level on the TV went from 25 to 15. I can definitely say I feel like the Alta Pro instruments from Oticon have improved my life.

Best of all, in the evening when my wife is ready to go to bed, the devices allow me to send the sound of the television directly to the hearing devices so my wife does not hear a single sound coming from the television. She is now able to sleep peacefully while I watch television late into the night. I don’t spend a lot of time on the phone, but when I get a call I want to make sure I can understand the conversation. With the Alta Pro instruments I am able to understand like I am in the room with the person, and it is completely hands free!

It is a shame that our egos prevent us from doing something about hearing loss. I have been experiencing loss for the last 5 years and yet I just got help. Once I accepted it as a part of growing older, and realized people do not even noticed them, I was grateful my family cared enough to insist I get some help. I will not become another grumpy old man who complains about people mumbling around me as I miss out on many family conversations.

~ David Lee

The Doctors of Audiology at Intermountain are fantastic. They truly care about industrial testing for my workers, as well as counseling and ear protection for their families. Highly recommend these Doctors.

~ Christian Jensen