Hearing Aid Repairs

Intermountain Audiology Offers Hearing Aid Repairs at Its Clinics.

Regular cleaning and repairs are needed for optimal device function.

During an assessment, our goal is to provide you the most comprehensive diagnosis of your hearing needs.  We strongly believe in the quality of the products we offer. This is why we offer comprehensive in-house repairs including replacement batteries and filters for all hearing aids purchased at our clinics during their product lifetime.

With use, hearing aids may be exposed to perspiration, humidity, rain, hair products, ear wax, and more, not ideal for a tiny medical device.  They get worn down and need servicing. 

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your hearing aids regularly is important as it helps to preserve the quality of hearing.  We recommend having patients come into our clinic every three months to repair and maintain their technologically advanced devices.  And as time goes on, your hearing aids programming needs to be adjusted. 

At Intermountain Audiology, we are committed to helping our patients with their hearing health for the long term.  Don’t be alarmed that hearing aids may last only three to five years.  We have had patients with the same hearing devices for 15 years and they are still working.  However, to get the most of hearing aid technology, upgrading to a newer, technologically advanced device is well worth it. 

Ask Us About Free Trials

Repairs can also be a good time to get a hearing assessment and take advantage of our no obligation trials of the latest hearing aid technologies.  Be sure to ask us about the latest innovations and advances to benefit from new features in hearing devices and accessories.