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There are a variety of symptoms that may indicate hearing loss.  These can include often asking people to repeat what they say, thinking others mumble, turning up the volume on the TV or radio to hear it, or having difficulty hearing in groups

Early detection is important.  We recommend you take our free online hearing test and give us a call for a free hearing assessment.  It’s never too late to improve your hearing health.

We provide compassionate, dedicated hearing care from highly trained and experienced Doctors of Audiology.  We want the best solution for your overall hearing needs.  Click on our patient stories to see others experience with our clinics.

We have four clinics in Southern Utah: St. George, Cedar City, Hurricane, and Kanab.  We also operate a clinic in Page, Arizona.  Please see the respective location pages for address and hours of operation.

Yes, we accept many health insurance plans.  Contact your healthcare provider, employer, or state healthcare agency with questions about your specific coverage plan.

Yes.  Please see our financing page for the many available options we offer.

We perform hearing assessments for school age children and adults.  Hearing loss is increasingly seen in younger adults.

We offer free clinical hearing assessments performed by our Doctors of Audiology.

We’ll want to know about your medical history, history of noise exposure, and family history. We’ll also want to know about you are dealing with hearing issues in your life, how you are doing in different hearing situations, and what type of social environments you are most often in.  It’s a good idea to start thinking about these questions prior to your assessment. 

We would ask that you also bring your insurance card (if applicable) and recommend you bring a spouse or family members to the consultation as they can give important information on when you’re having hearing difficulties. 

Our Doctors of Audiology conduct a thorough assessment of your hearing.  The testing includes tone testing, otoscopy, and computerized hearing aid analysis.  The graphical representation of the testing results is the audiogram, which shows the frequencies and intensity levels of hearing in each ear.

We strive to provide the highest quality hearing aids from top manufacturers: Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, and Lyric.

Invisible hearing aids are very small devices that others won’t notice you’re wearing them.  They are technologically advanced for users with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Hearing aids are an investment in your hearing health.  Prices vary based on the manufacturer, style, and features. 

Our goal is to be the best overall value for your hearing solution with free assessments (a $200 value), top quality hearing aids, and comprehensive follow-up care.  We also provided free hearing protection ear plugs for our valued patients.

If you cannot afford hearing aids, we encourage you to apply for assistance with a local charity, the Sound of Life Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Yes, we do. You can view our selection in our online store and make purchases either online or in our clinics. Online orders incur a $3.50 shipping charge.

Hearing aids purchased at our clinics include a warranty. It would depend on the manufacturer for the duration and conditions of the warranty. We also offer damage and repair coverage plans at our clinics. For more information on this topic, please see this article.

Yes, you can view inventory and make purchases online in our online store – https://www.intermountainaudiology.com/products. However, while purchases can be made online, all hearing aid purchases require an in clinic fitting.

A lot of the problems that require hearing aids affect both ears. You can learn more about this on our website.

Yes, many new hearing aid models and accessories allow connectivity to a wide range of devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. You can learn more about connectivity here.

Hearing loss usually happens gradually and can be measured in four degrees: mild, moderate, severe, and profound. You can learn more about the degrees of hearing loss here.

Yes, we offer advanced, innovative hearing protection products from SoundGear by Starkey including instant fit-in-the-canal, custom ‘Platinum’ style, and Hunters Ears.

We offer hearing aids in a wide range of stylish and discreet models including behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and invisible-in-the-ear.  See our hearing aid styles page for more details and pictures.

Check out our hearing patient stories and patient reviews can also be found on many major sites including Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Yes.  We provide comprehensive follow-up hearing care.  We recommend having your hearing aids serviced every three months for optimal function.  Please also see our Damage Only and Damage and Repair plans available in our online store.

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