We Want Our Patients to Get More From Their Hearing Aids.

We carry a variety of accessories to enhance the capabilities of your hearing aids and communication.

We carry a wide range of hearing aid accessories to allow you to get more from your hearing devices.  Here are just some of the accessories we offer:

Streamer Pro 

The Streamer Pro from Oticon is a Bluetooth® device that connects the ConnectLine system to your hearing device.  It is worn around the neck with a compact, stylish MP3 player appearance.  When linked to your Oticon hearing aids, it can transmit almost any audio source to the hearing aids by way of a wireless Bluetooth connection or mini jack cable.

The StreamPro puts you in total control, turning your hearing aids into a small wireless headset.  There is no detectable delays in transmission, which makes all the difference when using a computer or watching TV. The other core applications of this accessory are using a microphone and phones – cell phones, landlines, and digital office phones.

The Streamer Pro is easy-to-use with a long battery life – up to eight hours of streaming time.  It can be used with all Oticon wireless hearing aids and ConnectLine devices. 


The ConnectLine™ from Oticon enhances your communication across the board.  It is the most complete and easiest to use wireless hearing system available today.   The combined power of ConnectLine™ and Streamer Pro work as one integrated system that transfer sound wirelessly to your Oticon hearing aids. 

ConnectLine™ allows you to participate more actively in practically all situations.  It connects you to TVs, music, video chatting, cell phones and landline phones with the touch of a button. 

The ConnectLine™ microphone is a small, discreet wireless microphone, which can be worn by the person you’re talking to transfer sound up to a distance of fifteen yards.  It uses advanced noise canceling technology to filter out noise in noisy situations or when your companion might be far away.

The ConnectLine™ App allows you to set the perfect sound levels with just a few taps for your music player, TV, tablet (iPad Air®, iPad mini®, iPad®) or smartphone (iPhone® and Android™).

TV Box Adaptor

One of the problems for hearing impaired individuals is enjoying TV programming with their family and friends because of preferred volume discrepancies. With Oticon’s adaptor for TV, this problem is resolved by allowing volume to be adjusted personally via Streamer Pro, while staying at the normal level for others.

Connecting the TV adaptor is simple and works with several analogue outputs on TVs which then directly transmit sounds to hearing aids through Streamer. Connect using a SCART cable, a phono cable, or via the TV’s headphone connection and enjoy the rest.

Phone Adaptor

Not only is it possible to have complete control over your wireless phone, it’s also possible to adjust the volume of traditional landline phones using Oticon’s ConnectLine phone adaptor. The adaptor works for both outgoing and incoming phone calls, allowing you to use your hearing aid as a headset and the microphone makes hands-free calling possible.

Wireless Microphone

For situations where it is sometimes difficult to communicate, such as crowded or noisy environments, Oticon has developed a ConnectLine microphone to help. The microphone is discreetly connected wirelessly to the Streamer and allows for clear and private one-on-one conversation.

Attach the microphone to your conversation partner and the sound will be transmitted straight to your hearing aid via the Streamer. The person’s voice comes through loud and clear with a range of up to fifteen meters.

Pocket Remote

The wireless remote control produced by Oticon makes it simple and convenient to adjust hearing device settings. Roughly the size of a car key, this remote control is small enough to fit in your pocket, making it easy to carry around and adjust the volume to your personal listening preferences.

SurfLink Mobile.

Starkey’s SurfLink Mobile is an assistive listening device, media player, hands-free cell phone transmitter and hearing aid remote all-in-one.  Once connected to your Starkey hearing aids, SurfLink’s clear and consistent wireless streaming enhance the experience of talking on the phone, listening to music, watching TV or videos, and so much more. 

SurfLink Mobile 2 has omnidirectional capability, which is ideal for listening in group settings and meetings.  It seamlessly streams wireless sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled TV or music device.  In addition to SurfLinke Mobile 2, we also offer SurfLink Media and SurfLink Remote accessories.

We also offer Phonak hearing aid accessories.  Call us to learn more about these incredible enhancements to your hearing experience!